This is our story

Hello world! We’ve been working on NetCloak for little while now, and it’s almost ready to roll out. Before we launch, we wanted to start off by sharing a little bit about ourselves.


Why We’re Here

We’re here to build a world where personal ownership of data is a globally respected human right.

We believe in creating technology that empowers wellness and education around personal data. 

We believe that transparency and embracing diverse perspectives creates value.

We believe that people should feel safe participating in the global digital society.


Who We Are

We bring together a diverse background in academia and technology. We first met each other at university, then worked together as colleagues, and finally united as co-founders.

We’ve helped students, families, and global companies navigate the challenges of digital privacy and cybersecurity. We specialize in understanding where your data flows across the internet and how to protect it. We also have a collective weakness for craft ramen.


What Brought Us Together

We came together to build a safe and secure world for everyone.

With our combined backgrounds, we are tackling the many security challenges that exist for people today. Our focus today is protecting your data and privacy.


Why We’re Writing This

We founded this company on the cornerstones of trust and ethics. By sharing our perspectives here and letting you get to know us better, we want to create the opportunity to engage in a discussion and build trust with you. Drop us a line and let us know your thoughts. We’re here to help.


- The NetCloak Team